Here are some of the beneficiaries of the F4WT:

pfgParachute For Gordo

F4Wt supported PFG’s joint tour with Two Thirty Two in September 2014



232Two Thirty Two

F4Wt supported Two Thirty Two’s ‘The Hope We Had’ album tour.



freezetheatlanticFreeze the Atlantic

F4Wt helped Freeze The Atlantic in the promotion of their debut 2012 album ‘Speakeasy’



11226561_10155474708480004_1438138815748702212_nMikey Riley

Mikey is currently recording his seemingly ongoing album project with…maybe just a little support from us :-). More from Mikey soon!



The Lights

The F4WT gave The Lights a contribution towards the recording of their album, with match funding from the Joe Strummer Foundation.



Helsinki Seven

Helsinki Seven are a fantastic DIY outfit who work VERY hard. The F4WT gave them a contribution towards funding their European tour.



Hey Enemy

Hey Enemy are another hard working DIY outfit. The F4WT helped them out with a contribution towards their tour.



Rocked Out
Rocked Out provides an invaluable stepping-stone between college and university for young aspiring musicians, and bridges the gap between rehearsals and shows for bands looking to move forward in the music industry. The F4WT proudly contribute to Rocked Out.

"I really enjoyed my experience with Spaces4sound, it increased my confidence loads with moving forward in recording and performing. I can't wait to do more, and would encourage anyone to get envolved."

- Rachel Thomas

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