About Wiz

“I’m writing about now. I’m writing about the things I care about, and trying to find solutions, or at least the start, where people will start to talk to each other about finding a solution. It’s forever” – Wiz

Wiz first picked up a guitar as a kid, finding his way round the fretboard with a few pointers from his blues guitarist Dad, Graham. Once he’d found that writing tunes was much more fun than playing other peoples, he never stopped until his sudden and tragic death on December 6th 2006.

In his time with Mega City 4, Wiz toured the world several times over, released 8 albums, played and sung to hundreds of thousands, but never lost his punk routes. Wiz’s lyrics spoke for a generation of awkward kids, allowing for a hardcore following that remains today.

When MC4 disbanded in 96, Wiz hopped across the pond to write and tour with Canada’s Doughboys, achieving a gold disc for their Shine release and freezing in a van during their harsh winter. After a year Wiz returned to Rother Road and formed Serpico.

Serpico gigged hard, but released very little and eventually gave birth to the rockest of all babies Ipanema. Ipanema and Wiz’s writing went from strength to strength over the ensuing years, taking in tours and making friends and fans in the UK, France, Spain and the States. Their single Je Suis Un Baseballbat and mini album Me Me Me sold out quickly and Wiz was hungrily writing with Rauf and Lawrence for their next masterpiece when tragedy struck.

Wiz never stopped moving forward. He loved music, new music that had drive and passion, and it inspired him to create his own work that in turn inspires others.

And this is why f4Wt was formed.

"I really enjoyed my experience with Spaces4sound, it increased my confidence loads with moving forward in recording and performing. I can't wait to do more, and would encourage anyone to get envolved."

- Rachel Thomas

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