A F4WT Update from Karina!

An F4wt update… where your cash has gone! (and not down the pub…)

Hey we just remembered to get online and look at something other than updates and dodgy photos… and to let you know of where your money has been going since K threw herself out of a perfectly good aeroplane to raise some cash… heres where it went…

Rocked Out 6 was yet another astounding success, with F4Wt supporting 4 students on the week long performance workshop. the gig was tremendous and all should be very proud of themselves. We’re chuffed too. Well done to James, Jamie, Amy and Alex, and thanks to Tom and all involved in R.O. and the Westy.

F4Wt have also supported the following bands by making lil contributions where very much needed…

Helsinki Seven and Hey Enemy. DIY in the hardest working sense. F4Wt contributed towards making their European tour actually happen and keeping them on the road. Hopefully to return tho, we don’t wanna lose them over there! Go check out Helsinki Seven and Hey Enemy.

Your cash also contributed in part funding along with the Joe Strummer Foundation to the recording of The Lights album. A slight departure for the trust’s funding, but we’re sure it will be well used.

The biggest thanks, as always, goes to you, the contributers that make all of this possible. We all appreciate how times are particularly tough at the moment, with the distinct possibility of the coalition government making things a little bit bleaker, necessary or not. Your kindness and donations therefore mean more than just figures on a page, and always will do. You are building on aspiration for the future… so thank you.

Watch out for further info on F4Wt’s activities and K’s stupid fundraising stunts in the near future. In the meantime, search out the new Boss Tunage box set for an awesome cover of Whitecat 🙂

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"I really enjoyed my experience with Spaces4sound, it increased my confidence loads with moving forward in recording and performing. I can't wait to do more, and would encourage anyone to get envolved."

- Rachel Thomas

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