The ‘Meat of Fleet’

Hi all, hows you this very Wednesday? Good I hope. Anyway, a wee bit of news for you to get you outta the house for a Xmas celebratory aural onslaught… The ‘Meat of Fleet’ Compilation is a collective of bands from, well… Fleet who are playing a gig at the West End Centre, Aldershot on Sat 11th Dec to celebrate the release of the compilation CD.

VERY kindly, the bands have offered to donate the proceeds from the CD sales on the night to the Forward 4 Wiz trust. This is young musicians helping other young musicians at its best, so here at F4Wt, we’re more than a lil choked in thanks. So… get along on the night to see the meat, and possibly some gristle, of all things musical made in Fleet.

Line up includes Formal, Red Line Atlantic, Quays, Teeth & Tusks and Charlotte Clark all for a measley £6! For more info and tickets visit or call 01252 330040 become a fan and find out what its about by taking a look here.

And before you run away back to the kettle, a sneaky lil birdy is whispering in your ear… On Saturday 19th Dec, as a special Xmas surprise, the one, the only, Mr. Gerry Bryant will be gracing the Westy stage once again in the Xmas Tag Team event. Along with Hold Your Horse Is (one of F4Wt’s favourite bands) and members of many others (including Reuben, Hundred Reasons, Dive Dive et al).

Tickets are proving to be hotter than explosive mince pies, so grab them quickly. £6 from the Westy website or from the box office on 01252 330040.

I’ll be there, and probably a bit tipsy, so say hello!

Love n sherry


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