Fundraising Thanks

… so far the following kind and generous people have raised much needed funds and offered a hand for f4Wt. Our thanks are endless, and the work is only just starting.

Thanks to: Spider, Aston & Julie at Boss Tuneage, Dawn Bovingdon, Rich and Vicky Gentry, Graham at the More 4 Wiz gig, Janet Fraser, Chunky Lloyd, Graham & Pam Brown, Andy Fulterer, Alex Jones, Josh Young, Barney Jeavons, Staff & Volunteers at The West End Centre, Aldershot, Louise Gunn, Tom & Elaine Stevens, Chris Redmond, Dan Kav, Louise Cranstone, Pat Doherty, Georg Klumpp, Erica Jordan, Spencer Chase, Rob Tromans, Andy Davies, Peter McKnight, Elaine Morton, Marie Parkes, Jim Southall, Laura Lee, Johnny Somersett, Chris Potter, Tim Hughes, Jamie Lenman, 3 Loop Music.

+ everyone who has ever bought a t’shirt, a book, made a donation, thrown change, bought us beer or said hi at a gig, or in the street, high-fived us, metaphorically high-fived us, played MC4, Serpico or Ipanema loud, helped us carry a box, smiled in our general direction… thank you. If it wasn’t for your kindness we simply couldn’t exist.

And thank you to all the musicians past, present and future that we’ve had the joy to be able to assist. Forward 4 Wiz is our trust, together we make new music. Because it matters.

"I really enjoyed my experience with Spaces4sound, it increased my confidence loads with moving forward in recording and performing. I can't wait to do more, and would encourage anyone to get envolved."

- Rachel Thomas

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