The Big Music Project

The West End Centre and Step by Step started a Big Music Hub in January 2017 as part of The Big Music Project, a nationwide initiative run with lottery funding by UK Youth.

Every Friday evening young people with an interest in singing and song writing shared their music, collaborated with each other, and ate pizza! Every other week the group had a session with a specialist practitioner, to help them develop their musical talent. The main focus was on lyrics and developing songs, so practitioners included spoken word artist Chris Redmond, rapper James Stanch, and multi-talented performers Jim Chorley and Ricky Tart.

The first part of the project took place over 12 weeks from January – March, culminating in a fantastic performance at the West End Centre. By this time the group had formed a strong bond and mentoring one another. So that the project could continue for another 12 weeks, the F4WT generously contributed to keep it running, as well as sourcing a drum kit for one of the members of the group!

The next phase of the project continues in September, where the original group and new faces will collaborate on an album. The young people were keen to develop their technical skills, so from Sept – Dec the group will develop their music, and from Jan – March they will visit recording studios and learn about mixing and editing.

The Big Music Project offers additional benefits to the group – from residential music trips to careers events, as well as a whole raft of employment expertise and internships with industry giants. The F4WT will also be involved in supporting the young people wherever they can.

Anyone who is interested or has any questions please contact Jenni at the West End Centre – or call 01252 408040